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Communications & Engagement Portfolio


Communication & Engagement Samples

Throughout the years I have used my graphic design and analytical skills to distilate and present complex arguments and issues at public engagements. The following are samples of the materials I have generated.

Click the image below to open a PDF of the sample materials. All analysis, data and graphics developed by Jennifer Dobbin.

Skill: Distillation and issue focusing for arguments

Re-Zoning Metrics Presentation

The Challenge:

Communicate the important aspects of the land rezoning information to the Community Association and the public on a re-zoning only application that did not have a development permit or drawings available for discussion.

Developed a communication “placemat” handout for multiple engagements focusing on the demographics and suitability of the property for redevelopment to multi-family housing.

Project: Memorial Drive NW, resulted in 96 unit developmen by Anthem Properties in 2010.

Click image above to open PDF of the developed materials. All analysis, data and graphics developed by Jennifer Dobbin.

Skill: Research and communicate complex statistics clearly

Heritage Building Ratio Placemat

The Challenge:

Present a clear argument for ‘swap’ of heritage loss on 13 heritage homes to be removed by a re-zoning application for 2 commercial heritage buildings sperately owned by the applicant.

Selected sample size, researched and documented all heritage buildings within sample set, distilate and present the data to argue the case for the heritage preservation swap.

Project: Memorial Drive NW, resulted the City of Calgary’s first heritage loss off-set agreement trading the heritage loss of 13 turn-of-the-century homes for the Muncipal Heritage Designation of two commercial properties in Kensington.

Skill: Documentation and presentation of processes

Engagement Timeline Explaination

The Challenge:

Document and present the two year timeline for the re-zoning application and participation in the Multi-Stakeholder Taskforce for Development Engagement for a presentation at City Council for the land rezoning public hearing.

Project: Memorial Drive NW, resulted in unanimous approval and public acknowledgement of developer participation and good-will by the Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Association.

Russell RED 2 Avenue NW Re-zoning Engagement Materials

Samples of materials for public distribution and engagement open houses for the Russell RED 2 Ave NW rezoning (DC based on M-C2 approved).

Skill: Simplifed and targetted communications

Engagement Placemat

Delivered to surrounding neighbours for early engagement.

Skill: Documentation and alignment of outcomes

Variances & Metrics

Sample of development application presentation slide for open house.

Skill: Clear graphics for complex arguments

SDAB Presentation Excerpt Slides

Developed Sketch-up redering and annotated slides to communicate the changes to the buildings to meet community and City feedback during rezoning application engagements.

Contracted Materials

Skill: Research and predict policy directions by the City

Main Streets Predictive Review

Reviewed all City materials and successfully predicted the prioritized selection of Main Street areas for investment prior to report release from the City. Produced for Harvey Russell at CBRE.

Skill: Lead and document complex stakeholder engagements

Report to Stakeholders on Laneway Round Table Engagement

Developed, conducted and reported on a laneway issue round-table engagement for at the request of Druh Farrell (City Councillor) paralell to a rezoning application for 10th Street NW. Outcome: Approved re-zoning, sold and developed into The Kensington (76 unit mixed-use).