Art Installations: The Burner / Artist: Trenzalorian

Jennifer is also a ‘burner’, the name for participants in Burning Man events.

For her first attendance at a burner event, Jennifer designed, built and installed the Temple for 2019 FreezerBurn regional burner event.

An ambitious project titled “Cosmic Temple”, the flying-saucer shaped build required over 200 man-hours to fabricate off-site and assemble on-site for the culmination burn for the event. Organizing over 40 volunteers, 2 build sites and the delivery and installation of the art piece.

The installation was completed on-time, on-budget and burned as designed (it was a big hit).

The final temporary building was 42′ wide and 14′ high, with a ‘core’ of 40+ pallets. The burn was a roaring success with over 50′ flames and a 10 hour burn time.



(created in Skech-up)


(test build, resulted in significant changes)



The Burn

(50′ high flames, 10 hour total burn)