Planning Services

Dobbin Consulting Inc. provides extensive and adaptive engagement services for individuals and commercial developers for:

  • Rezoning / change of Land Use (LOC) applications
  • Development Permit (DP) applications
  • Building Permit management
  • Change of Use applications (commercial), including Medical Use relaxations
  • Subdivisions
  • Due Diligence explorations and development potentiality assessments
  • Storytelling and Communications
  • Public Engagement and Public Relations

Services can be customized for any application, including, but certainly not limited to:

Project Initiation

  • Pre-project investigations and due diligence items related to development and policies
  • Project build-out potential
  • Existing and draft policy impact considerations
  • Area and current application context review (other developments)
  • Councilor and Community positions investigation
  • Assist developer and architect with zoning selection and design impact
  • Stand-alone public engagement and reporting pieces

Pre-Application Meetings

  • Informal and/or paid pre-application meeting with City
  • Early project introduction to Councilor
  • Introductory community engagement inquiry with local
    Community Association / Planning Committee
  • Graphics and metrics development for all engagements
  • Engagement website creation and writing
  • Prepare and coordinate application material and drawings

Application & File Management

  • Schedule and make formal application
  • Represent the project and client as the Applicant: coordinating the file
    and engagement with the City Planner Assigned to the Application
  • Coordinate traffic and/or environmental studies required by City
  • Provide administrative support specific to the Project

Public Engagement

  • Conduct up to two Planning Committee engagement pieces with reporting to client and City stakeholders
  • Conduct one public engagement if/as required by the City and/or Community Association
  • Act as ongoing project representative to Community monitoring and responding to public feedback on the Project
  • Available to provide ongoing social media management/updates on the Project for the Client (if desired)

Social Media

  • Project updates, photos and SM dialogue management
  • Blog post writing
  • Event management (openings, show suites, etc)

Project Management

  • Development management / coordination
  • Developer’s rep during construction