At Aperion™ we believe that women should
be free to move with confidence.

Aperion™ Leggings – Comfort, Convenience & Coverage

For many women, stress incontinence and period leaks interfere with their lives and training. So we invented a legging for women who want to use a pad in a stretch-knit athletic wear pant.

Through our research and design work, we added three pockets and ensured the fabric quality was of the highest quality and not see-through.

Our leggings have a hidden liner with a ‘pocket’ design to hold a pad in place through all ranges of movement, freeing you to jump, spin, stretch and play with confidence.

How to Purchase our Leggings

Well, you’ll have to wait just a little longer! We are getting ready to take the product to Kickstarter in the next few months.

That means making a new, slick marketing video and finalizing our sample run. We will be sending out 40 sample pairs to bloggers, athletes and media-moms for their review and feedback. If you would like to review a sample pair, please contact by email:

Original Information Video

This video is ‘vintage’, watch for a new video soon!

Of note, we have changed many things in the design of these pants. We no longer have coloured seams, and there is no more key pocket (you don’t really need one with the rear pocket).

About Our Founder

Jennifer Dobbin is an athlete in her own right, challenging body ‘norms’ and powering through life with abandon. She has completed two Tough Mudders, is a powerlifter and avid urban cyclist. Her response to a challenge is to overcome or fix it, in the case of Aperion Leggings, she couldn’t find an easy solution, so she created one.

Image: Jennifer, the day she did 3 hours of SUP yoga and then climbed Ha Ling mountain in Canmore.