jennifer dobbin
Artist  |  Graphic Designer  |  Entrepreneur

Planning Consultant  |  Building Manager


Resume / CV

Development Planning Consulting Services

  Re-Zoning Development Permits Commercial Change of Use Heritage Offset / Exchange Land Swap NegotiationsHire an Established Community & Inner City Specialist The unique challenges of redevelopment in established communities requires strong interpersonal...

Original Art

Jennifer Dobbin Mixed Media Artist Modern art explorations and musings. Jennifer's preferred medium is acrylics, but she works with plaster, oils, leafing, spray paint and other materials to create her art. Art is a personal form of therapy and exploration for me and...

Graphic Design

Graphic Design I have always been an artist, and I channel that into all my work. Graphic Design has been especially effective for me when I am involved in marketing, public engagement and idea-telling. I have over 20 years of experience in Adobe Creative Suite I...